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  1. 🤣😅Eddie inspires a person to be a chef …He got style, humor, honesty, passionate, sincere , fun, & serious when it’s time to be..He educates about history..He touches most multi culture facts..He is versatile..That’s is what makes his show great 👍.

  2. I love how he can make fun of Americans, when he is one. Then where the America flag outfit. Bruh. I'm Thai and don't see me hating on the country that my family went to for safety and refuge. No matter the crowd, stay true homie. But love his stuff.

  3. Eddie if I ever meet you in the street I will slap (hug 🤗 you) in the face xx my mum and dad are English my grandparents on both sides are Italian.. So what am I? Human?

  4. Whenever I mix it up with other cultures they like to tell me that I'm a white (English) guy. Maybe one day I'll just be accepted for being human. Eddie wash your hands after you pee bud 😉

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