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  1. Practically all the commercial Cali stuff, is bred for looks, yield, short flowering times and high THC!! Terps have taken a back seat in 99% of cases!!
    A lot of the most 🔥 sativas (with the most amazing flavours,) have very low yield coupled with a long flowering time, this makes them very unattractive to commercial growers.

  2. Any experienced stoner knows you can never judge a book by its cover.
    I've copped some awesome looking flower and the smoke was well disappointing, on the flip side.
    I recently went to Spain and picked up some Brsicotti, it looked average at best and the smell was the same, only to discover the smoke was hella sweet

  3. Facts tho u ain’t paying for the looks you’re paying to get high. Whether the bud looks dead or amazing it’s still gonna do that for you. I hate the whole like weed culture? These days. I miss the old days. And it’s mostly with the younger generation who are making those types of comments like I’d guess 16-22 or something idk

  4. It’s like I had some black cheeey gelato that was covered in Tricoms n was nearly all black/ purple but when smoking it pure it burned black and was near enough unsmokable but a few of my mates that brought some from me smoke with tobacco and had all white ash, but either way it’s not about the looks of the bud it’s about how it smells/ smokes

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