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  1. I have a question for u. I make gummies in large batches, but lately I’ve increased my production. I have tried to double and triple the recipe, but the gummies r becoming more oily and loosing consistency. I’ve tried to infuse the coconut oil doing a 3:1 ratio so I use less oil and they r more potent, but then they taste oily. I do make my edibles from scratch using the corn syrup method, if ur familiar with that. So, my question is: Do I need to continue making numerous small batches to keep the flavor and consistency on point or is there a way to triple the recipe and keep everything on point?????

  2. I want to make about 75 to 100 gummies. I plan to use 3 grams of RSO. My question is, will 3 grams make 75 to a 100 gummies potent enough? Yes I want to get high, rocket man style of high! lol One more thing, the RSO I was looking at has 411 mg in .05 gram syringes.

  3. Thanks for the info dude love the vid but don't do that to yourself man please 3k mg is just to much I know it won't kill u but don't hurt yourself just for the YouTube assholes that want you to do it u don't need them much love

  4. Make a video of you eating that shit!! You probably would be In a weed coma for days. 2 grams of RSO and 2 of reclaim. Craziness. But it would be fun to see. Live stream too! Great content. You can tell you know your shit!!

  5. Right On!!! I make my own wax and put the wax in cookies. I like to put 20 grams of wax into 12 cookies. They are dumb, dumb strong. People were getting lit for over 24 hours easy. A lot of them threw up a lot also. So now I cut them down to 13 grams of wax to 12 cookies. They are still really strong for most people. Have a great day.

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