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  1. Mans been on his grind slamming us with the best shit consistently. Cant say theres better youtubers doing it man. Thankyou for all the banger vids. Been here since your 7th vid came out

  2. 1:01 this is nice, I wish we had more of this in my state. Sadly we don’t have weed here, it’s illegal, so instead of nice things, all you hear is bad news.

    Side note, you upload good content, which feels harder to find as more time passes, and I don’t see a lot of comments thanking you for keeping up on those consistent good videos. Hope you get those views man, respect 👊

  3. Anyone who's reading this, I pray that whatever
    is hurting or whatever you are constantly
    stressing about gets better. May the darks
    thoughts, The overthinking, the doubt exit your
    mind right now.

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