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  1. That powder weed that breaks into dust means it’s been sitting for a while and dried up super bad or they keep it stored in a cold ass spot and basically freezes it up and when u break it down turns to dust, that happens to me when I accidentally leave my weed in my car overnight 😂 wish you could try some Cali trees I’m from San Francisco capital of the fire lol

  2. If you don’t cough when you smoke then are you really smoking??? That’s what the OGs used to tell me when I coughed and felt embarrassed they’d even start smokin more to try coughing wit me 🤣

  3. After living in Colorado for 2 years. Having a medical card helped me find the best quality and priced weed. I used to get 75$ oz that we’re absolutely fire like 26-32% thc consistently. Is definitely worth the 200$ a year

  4. I'v been to livwell, always got the 100$ onces, and it wasn't as good as the other places, but still in the same ball park, the ones i had anyway were always proper weed. I remember some of their strains did smell a little hay, but the indica ones always smelled right. I hope they have not changed, I loved them. poor livwell.. 🙁

  5. Great video, I have only been to the first town in colorado, but I have had the most amazing weed in my life form there, I had no idea weed could be that flavorfull, smelley, and strong. strawberry fields, livwell 100$ zips, faragosi farms, superfarms Burkle strain.. Sour strawberry, weed that taste like what the name would suggest. SO STRONG, it completly blew my mind. and I had had good weed before… but that stuff there is on another level completley. my god. the smells were so strong i got a little dizzy, head rush just smelling the jar at the dispo, for a second or two… smells so strong I could smell them in my car driving by with my windows rolled up. I left the lid off a 7 gram jar for 30 seconds, and had the whole house REAK of the smell for 6 hours later. thats insane !!!! WTF how.. Now all weed sucks to me unless I go to Colorado.

  6. I love your videos! I'm from Spain so It's a little difficult to me to understand everything. But i like specially the videos where you show the dispensatorys and that stuff because in Spain weed is still prohibited.
    Greetings and good luck!

  7. Soooo jealous, you guys in the US don’t realise how lucky you are to go to dispensaries and choose what weed you want and all the other goodies, in Scotland it’s like a well kept secret who has the good weed and all the other dealers have terrible bud. The uk 🇬🇧 will never legalise cannabis I don’t think

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