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  1. kc brains was a breeder i remember from the 90's kc 33 and kc 36 were fire sat dom, unusual terps, earth caramel sweet, with a mild sour gas, but not really sour or gassy, lol high rate of volatile oils, ie phenols which are plant alcohols have a unique tang to'em…. im pretty blazed so hope this make sense, love your show guys!!

  2. Ill OG is a tad on the more mellow side of the OG kush effect spectrum. If you want as close to the old school So Cal OG kush I recommend the LA Kush Blue Box or Red Box or if you can find it the Federal Reserve OG all three every time I’ve purchased them have came in at 28%+ THC 30%+total cannabinoids

  3. Thought that was a transsexual person with you for a second then she came out with the deep voice lmao. Throw away the hair ties buddy and smash a lady this week

  4. Alllright, just putting this out there. You know dispensaries can burp their jars as well right? Why is it that I can keep weed perfectly fresh and good at home in tiny masson jars (I'm NOT talking HUMIDOR HERE, STRAIGHT UP MASON JAR) and not the shops? Honestly man the "old" weed excuse is getting old. It was boof when it was harvested. That's it. Also, bring back the good water hash on the show, haven't seen that in a while! It seems like you guys had more fire stuff pre-legalization? Am I wrong?

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