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  1. Almost everyone has went organic especially in states where they have medical marijuana there not really allowed to use anything that's not organic they have people come in and test the facility so they don't try and sneak any in they could use a small amount on pest I think but it's very limited

  2. Theres a dispo in Denver that claims living soil organic but it burns like crap, dark grey ash. Never know, it’s so hit or miss here. I found a grower from a former nfl player thats so good, so clean, and it’s sold on bottom shelves. Some people found out how to grow here it’s just hard to find sometimes.

  3. I been at it 24 years and now I only use no till living soil (gotta be true no till with the worms 😊) have done for the last 5 years, organic bxd is the best, hands down. Taste and cleanliness on the no till 10 out of 10 on every run over any other method. 😊😊 Organic definitely better!!! 💯💚😀

  4. "Organic" is a federal regulated term. In usa we have "CGC" aka "clean green certified" as since cammabid is schedule 1 it can't be "organic". Man you guys really don't know a lot about actual cannabis. If I made a channel I'd take over this space. How do you pronounce CBC? Why is cannabis more potent after liver activation? (Converting delta 9 to 11-hydroxy-thc) . You know nothing no offense. Pronounce THCV. You can't. You know zero about cannabis…..

  5. How come he doesn’t show the bud? You can show it now it just doesn’t generate as much views, he will have a better growing showing the buds and dope as yola still makes money off YouTube just not that much, he shows all types of buds and still hasn’t gettin restricted on them until he says the price, where to get them (which is his company) you can show buds just can’t tell them where you can get it and the price of it

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