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  1. In regards to your discussion, "they" don't have to do attempt to enslave anyone because 90% or so of the population/plebs will submit to voluntary slavery anyway. You are very lucky to be on that soil over there, you should really consider looking into tax exemption, there's many kinds, and 80.000 pages of IRS legislation waiting to be utilised. @askloral is able to assist, I'm sure.

    Taxes also doesn't necessarily go to roads, schools et cetera, they go to pay off on loans states take out to pay for public schools and such. People have more or less unlimited credit with their local registrar of the parish or municipality where they were liveborn at. That's for example what is "paying" for public services, credit of the people, which is assumed to be pledged to the state operation at live birth. Much of that credit and debits comes from nescient people giving blank instead of restricted indorsements to all these companies, financial institutions, states, nations et cetera. Their then able to invest the note for par/face value, which means your financed home, automobile et cetera was paid in full when you signed the security, the financial instrument that the credit application is.

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