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  1. I had my one year old titer tested before giving her another vax. The Vet said it would cost more than $300 and I thought OK, that’s way less expensive than a lifelong injury ! Her titer test results showed she had thousands more antibodies (or whatever they measure) than needed so I didn’t have her vaxxes.😀🤨 WIN!

  2. I have always done 3 year required vaccines and none after age 10. Titers are outrageous now sadly and not always reliable. I will say nothing is worse than a dog getting distemper, parvo or rabies so vaccines are also lifesaving and people seem to have forgotten this. People need to realize the same is true of Covid vaccines. Nothing is without potential side effects including supplements. The number of people that died from Covid before vaccines was staggering and sadly people chose to believe a lot of lies and conspiracy theories over reality. I wonder how many people trashing vaccines would also deeply regret not having them if their loved ones or beloved pets were dying of the same horrible disease a vaccine could have saved them from.

  3. Hello Dr. Jones, I really enjoyed your last episode with Rachel, and this topic of vaccines for your dogs, I have and six year female German Shepherd, who went through a TPLO surgery on her right rear leg, and her left hip joint socket is with osteoporos, she’s starting to have a gimpy walk, and she’s trying to compete with my one year-old male German Shepherd, I had them both in Monday with our local vet, and for Hanna and Hansel for their wellness check, the older German Shepherd she recommended possibly trying out Librela for arthritis pain, do you have any information or advice about this drug? I thanked the veterinarian and I said I’d like to find a little more time about it before I actually would allow someone to inject my dog with it please if you could give me any advice. Currently I give her massages that I’ve watched you perform along with acupuncture points, massaging and I even bought a small cool laser that I use on her, thank you if you can share anything on this

  4. My beautiful Saluki started having seizures after the rabies vaccine. Our Vet, bought out by VCA, sent me a vaccine reminder every month for 2 years knowing she already suffered with seizures. Also, why do they do a health check, eyes, ears. teeth and heart that takes 5 mins and costs 100.00 every time you go to the vet? Humans don't get that before a vaccine? Thank you for being a vet who is a true animal lover.

  5. My dog received all her vaccines and when she was almost 2 she developed weak legs and she could walk her hind legs would get paralyzed and she would just sit down. After many visits to my local vet i took her to PVESC in Pittsburgh and say an orthopedic who then referred us to DR McKillop neurologist who diagnosed Misha with Mystenia Gravis we did blood work to conform this, Dr McKillop put Misha on a regiment of medications and after her first does she was getting better, fast forward she in remission and he told me she can no longer have any vaccines period. He said the vaccines put her autoimmune in overload. We keep Misha away from dog parks and it’s a miracle she can run as fast as before. I’m just so blessed we went to PVESC and Dr McKillop saved our baby

  6. Doctor, thank you for posting this. I wish I could read all of these comments, but let me just say the RELIEF it brings me to find SO MANY like-minded pet owners! We are all in the same fight, regardless of what stage of rebellion we are in. Glad to be amongst you all❤

  7. We had to vaccine our 10yrs old senior dog with both rabies and bordetella because it's required by the boarding place when we have to leave him there for 2 weeks of family vacation. Our senior dog got very very sick from the vaccine right after he had it, and ever since, his health is declining and now he has to live on medication for rest of his life. .

  8. Just from my observations, friends with pets within the last year had their pets die (8 of them) from various ages between 3-10yrs old 'suddenly', including mine with turbo pancreatic cancer! Is that coincidental or what? Yes, all of us bring our pets for their yearly vaccines. And speaking to friends who 'mistreats' their pets with minimal attention and no unnecessary vet visits beyond physical injuries, they're still going strong at age 16+! Baffling!

  9. I don't know a lot about the topic, but I wonder how vaccines have changed in the last few decades. I got my first dog when I was a kid, in 1984. She got vaccines every single year, She ate kibble, she ate, rawhide, and she lived to be 17 years old. She died of kidney failure. Who knows how long she could've lived without the vaccines and without Kibble. But how could that dog receive all those medication's all those years and be pretty darn healthy until the very end. But now we have dogs who are extremely ill and dying young? So what are they putting in those vaccines now that they did not back then? There are also a lot more vaccines now than there used to be. So Covid I think made it very obvious to people, but I don't think it was the only factor.

  10. Hi doc this is Marie from Tennessee I got skittish a vaccines when my standard poodle turn 1 1/2 on vacation to Canada I wanted this rabies up to date in case the Border gave us any trouble it took a man and got a new rabies vaccine before I got into my car he was in anaphylaxis that was in the 90s I've been very conservative on my vaccines ever since and if I do get them I don't ever do them in a cluster

  11. The Bordatella vaccine hasn't worked in years. Even my "normie" Vet said so. Perhaps this "mysterious" dog illness is a mutation from all the over vaccinating of kennel cough every six months. Just like all the super bugs we have now that are resistant to antibiotics because of the OVER USE of antibiotics. What conventional human and veterinary medicine has been doing for decades just isn't working anymore – in fact it is causing more harm. You didn't mention cancer….cancers are way up in cats, dogs and horses and I believe it is from the over vaccinating too.

  12. Darn right I’m hesitant. It was way before convid lies!
    It’s because dogs are dying of cancer so much now and my last three did!
    Not interested in the adjuvants and heavy metals in me or my dog.
    Look up the truth about rabies! It won’t be easy to find, but Lou Pastor was a liar

  13. The Covid plandemic has certainly made decide to never jab my dogs again. You explain exactly how I feel. Follow the $$. That’s all these poisons are about just like the last few yrs. It is not about health. Too many side effects just like the cv jab.

  14. My dog was perfect and i had only received one rabies vaccine since she was a baby then a vet talked me into mutiple vaccines and she grew huge tumors afterwards and also my cat did too. I have so many regrets now.

  15. I've been vaccine hesitant for my dogs since a Vet almost killed my puppy by giving him about 7 vaccines in one day 15 years ago (all the "normal" puppy vaccines plus Lepto and a new Rattlesnake one since I live in CA). PLUS, my puppy had had vaccines before I adopted him from another Vet in town but this Vet said he couldn't confirm "how the vaccines were given", blah, blah, blah, so he re-did them. I don't know if it was $ or ego but this experience ruined my trust in mainstream Vets and vaccines in general.

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