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  1. I agree 100%. The dispensaries are trying to lock the market in their favor . But the truth is that the weed actually sucks . It's grown with bullshit poison and then sold for the highest dollar , it only gives you a brief high . Outdoor grown is stronger and the THC is higher . And you know your own plants aren't poisoned .

  2. I grow my own and always will do. Based in the uk and dont care what my hypocritical government says. Teresa mays husband has shared in gw pharmaceutical here in the uk. Its a company in kent in uk, that specialising in growing and exporting medical cannabis, yet its meant to be illegal here in the uk.
    As a grown man who has always paid my way and done things the right way, i will never conform again ! Happy growing people 🌿🪴

  3. Amen… Sure there are tiresome times of problem solving plant health and bugs. To grow is a very spiritual part of my life. I cherish it.
    And Heaven is on its way… Santa’s bringing me a Cannatrol baby!… 💚💚💚
    I am so tired of trying to dry/cure in 70 + % humidity with no dehumidifier.
    Merry Christmas Charlie Brown and to those at Homegrown! ✌🏼🐸

  4. Thankfully New York did not go that way. They screw a lot of things up but that they didn’t. We can grown 6 3 in veg 3 in flower. Or multiple user house 6 veg 6 flower. Hard to pheno hunt with small numbers but it’s better than nothing.

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