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  1. My 16 month old Jackshund just had this vaccine and it's booster. She's had zero complications or reactions. I'm in north central Florida and on the edge of woods and my cameras show a plethora of wildlife in my backyard drinking from feral cat water bowls, her baby pool, and birdbaths. Every situation is different.

  2. Problem is, even if you have no standing water nearby, you almost certainly have rats. You may never see them if youre lucky, but they roam at night in both city and country, peeing as they go. Dogs could lick it or step in it and lick their feet later.

  3. This is what i had emailed you about asking if you could look at my dogs treatment records to see if it indeed looked like he had lepto before he passed. They did the iv treatment, they even had to do blood transfusions on him. It all started because he threw up and i took him in to be looked at. Im a veteran with severe ptsd and he was my service animal, best friend, my saviour, and my world. The vet didnt have the lepto test on hand so it was never confirmed. I just want to have a second opinion on if it is what truly took him from me. Its killing me not knowing. I feel like ive failed my battle buddy. My ptsd attacks have increased without him and the world feels very dark and alone. I respect and trust your opinion and truly wish you would reconsider and just look at his records so i can find closure in this.

  4. After the vet scared me talking about lepto in our area, I let her give my shar-pei the shot. The next morning, I woke up to find her with a thick discharge of puss oozing out of her nose. She kept licking her nose to clean it, and I cleaned it the best I could also, but it kept coming out all day, a lot, and she didn't look good at all. I called the vet and they said it was a reaction to the shot and noted in her chart that she's allergic to it and to never give it to her again. Thankfully, she was back to normal after a few days. Never again, for any of my dogs!

  5. My Great Pyrenees contracted Leptospirosis. I live in an agricultural area with cattle all around. There is also wildlife (raccoons, opossums, armadillos, field mice, gophers, skunks, deer) that walk through my two acres. Sometimes the cattle get loose and are hanging out in the yard. My dog was not vaccinated against Leptospirosis. He went from a very healthy and active pet to almost not making it. It was horrible. I spent about $1,200 to help save his life. He is still having issues with his eyes (inflammation and partial blindness) and has another vet appt on Fri. I will definitely have him and my other dogs vaccinated for Leptospirosis. I don't ever want to go through this nightmare again.

  6. The Lyme disease shot a,so is to dangerous for short snouted dogs, like pugs, frenchies and bully’s.
    We had one dog put get very sick and the same day some one of her puppies was taken in and also got the shot, he died.

  7. Lepto so far is one of the few vaccines that still contain mercury, and can cause neurological damage in dogs, and wouldn't you know it, it did for two of my dogs. One recovered, with some detoxification work, the other hasn't ever fully recovered, even with all the detoxification work, and it's now been two years, so I assume she won't ever fully recover at this point. Shame on you for NOT telling people that the Lepto vaccine contains mercury. If enough people complained about it, maybe they'd finally get the mercury out. They don't NEED to use mercury. There are far safer adjuncts and preservatives they could use, but in the big-bucks vaccine industry, my dogs are just acceptable casualties as far as they're concerned. What really makes me mad is that I was vaccine injured as a young child, from MERCURY in vaccines. I've never fully recovered. Then 25 years later, my young son was vaccine injured from MERCURY in vaccines, too. Vaccine makers finally wised up and took mercury out of children's vaccines. But they're still putting it in our dog's vaccines? How is that acceptable? And the Lepto vaccine is one of the few vaccines for dogs that still contains mercury. I thought we were beyond that degree of stupidity with vaccines. I am not anti-vax. I have faithfully gotten my dogs every vaccine my vet has recommended, but I'm done vaccinating them for Lepto, unless vaccine makers finally get the mercury out of it.

  8. My dog, in 2005 got Lepto. The Vet had never seen a case before that in his 30 years. My dog tested positive for 2 strains…one of which was not covered in the vaccine. By the time of diagnosis, my poor furr baby was in full kidney failure…at the age of 3.

  9. In 2015, the vet said I should get all three of my dogs vaccinated with the lepto vaccine. My female lab and my female Akita did fine. It nearly killed my male Akita! He began violently and continuously vomiting and my daughter kept clearing his airway while I was trying to contact the vet. We finally just took him in and they gave him a shot of something and it took several days for him to get back to normal. All of my dogs charts now say do not give them that vaccination ever!

  10. My puppy (8months now, 4-5months at the time) did get the lepto vaccine bc she’s wild and dove into a swampy mud puddle by my house and went for something floating in the water, almost got it in her mouth 😑definitely got some of the goop in her mouth. Ate deer poop and other unknown animals poop, stuck her snout in rainy mud puddle water, etc. She was fine, is completely healthy & thank god had no reaction to the vaccine. Fortunately she has since stopped eating random shit & diving into dirty swampy water/puddles, so she should be good on getting that vaccine in the future. She did, however, have a horrible reaction to the rabies vaccine & she now hates the vet. Unfortunately I live in a state where the vaccine is required- so she’ll need one again next year & I’m dreading the day. 😰

  11. Globalists have spread diseases that had been produced during the cold war and are being blamed on over population, Canadian Government produced a binary weapon for every tree and shrub and others looked after animals, the Pirbright Institute weaponized every disease to attack Man or Beast in the last 150 years.

  12. I wouldn't recommend the shot… My vet recommended the shot. I should have never given it to my husky. He had such a serious bladder infection that it actually started bleeding right after the injection. He never had it before the injection. It took months to get rid of the bacteria. I hope it didn't cause too much damage to his kidneys. I felt horrible. Like a bad mommy. You put your trust in these vets and they're just out to make a buck. That's why I follow you doctor Jones. I highly recommend do not give the shot to your dogs.

  13. Most of the vets in my area (eastern Washington state) give the lepto vaccine in a combo shot with the routine vaccines so unless you ask your dog automatically gets it. Many vets are not happy to give the other vaccines without it. When I've asked the vets what the incidence of leptospirosis is in our area most really didn't know but insisted because I have a hunting dog that he should have it. I have only had one vet tell me he's never heard of a case in our area and my hunting dog remains unvaccinated for it.

  14. I adopted a dog from a shelter and was told she was fully vaccinated and spayed. One week later she was in heat and I took her to be spayed. A couple of months late I took her to get vaccinated since I no longer trusted what the shelter told me. That evening she was extremely lethargic so I called the vet the next day. They told me it was probably caused by the Lepto vacinne, so I have avoided it ever since. She is 16 years old now and really showing her age, but she never got lepto.

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