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  1. 1:28 thank you! I always felt like I had ocd when cooking cause I wash my hands so much. EVERY cooking show I watch, the person touches uncooked foods and touches EVERYTHING (like the same salt and pepper shaker your kids will later use at the dinner table) with no edits. I know they can’t film washing hands for entertainment value, but it’s never even mentioned.

  2. Garlic lay a knife flat part down and up then use ikyour hand to crack garlic easier to peel my mother taught me that way i live the recipe tho I'ma definitely try it tomorrow

  3. Looks fun and I'm sure you were joking in the moment but if anyone is reading the comments please don't feed your dogs/cats onions and garlic, yes they are toxic especially domesticated animals. But other than that…Yee Haw, chicken pot pies!

  4. You were the only reason I watched the new Iron Chef. By far the most memorable and fun contestant the show has ever seen. Beforehand only Chef Duff was the only fun personality

  5. As someone who graduated from high school in the 1980's, I still can't believe that they mullet is back. 😅

    P.S. Please don't call me a boomer. I'm Gen X.

  6. Thanks #Munchies for another solid guest Chef. I love twist on a deep fried chicken pot pie and especially his use of schmaltz in the roux. I do think his CPP needed some frozen peas. Off topic… We all know Vice filed for chapter eleven and I hope the Munchies team manage to survive and thrive in the future. I cannot thank the entire team enough for one of the best online series ever created. I have no doubt that Anthony Bourdain would have loved this show. The entire focus has been on the average joe/jane who started from nothing and achieve success. Thanks for honoring many unsung heroes of the culinary world.

  7. DO NOT FEED YOUR DOGS ONIONS OR GARLIC!!! A small amount may not kill them, sure?… but still why give your baby anything that will upset their bellies!?!
    Thanks for recipe looks tasty!

  8. This looks incredible.

    FYI…although there is not a lot of either, just a heads up, DO NOT put those leftover veggies on your dogs food. Garlic and Onions are both toxic do dogs. Just eat it yourself, I'm sure it's delicious.

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