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  1. Small dog between 2-5yrs chawawa-doxin mix, female fixed had first shots behind on her shots. Has a low fever on and off occasionally & her tummy gets a deep purple red color but most concerning is her urine is thick syrupy and doesn't evaporate, leaves a stain imprint hard to get up. Very bothered it not dissipating, not evaporate leaving a glossy oily print 🐾 of paws. Should I bring a sample to vet?

  2. Dr. Jones…How do you know when to use CPR? Is it the same as humans; not breathing and no pulse? Do dogs react to poison ivy? What are your thoughts of Pharma producing mRNA vaccines for cats & dogs?

  3. Omg my puppy eating things is my panic, bits of toys, squeakers I even thought he chewed an octopus leg of his toy. Still eat and pooping fine I literally search the 💩 and find string, sponge teeny rubber bits. Definitely the worst part of puppyhood.

  4. Again Dr Jones PLEASE PLEASE tell me how do I order your Advanced canine formula? you know I've written you three times now. I cannot get through to support on your website. Everytime I get to the part that says are you a robot and I check it for no it doesn't take the check so I can't buy anything can you please help me purchase your product let me know how. Please reply to this so I can order some product thank you very much I've written three comments on three different videos on trying to get the product I'm doing everything I can. Thank you very much

  5. Do NOT let even your closest friends, even if they're reciting the bible, feed or give treats to your animals, envy and jealousy can cause one to poison and murder all your animals…TRUST NO ONE
    And don't walk the same trails, they spray agents on plants or grass where you may hangout with your animals

  6. I don’t let my dog play with tennis balls or anything similar to size or have any in the house I only buy her basketball ball or soccer ball size. Even if she pops them they still work for her for fetch

  7. my neighbour's dog just passed, too young. the parent of the doggie says that she thinks it was because she ate cigarette butts off the ground. I hadn't heard of that before. why would a dog eat that? if so, how would you treat the dog? She had developed tumors. I personally think that there was more to this; diet, vaxx's, environment…? thoughts or comments appreciated! thanks!

  8. Hi. My dog is losing her faculties. Been with me since June 25 2009, when I adopted her she was a year. She is 15ish. What does one do if you are broke, it is an emergency, and you REALLY don't want to lose her ….. & local resources seem booked. I can explain her symptoms. Thank you so much. PS i don't want to be selfish if she's really in pain. And moments, like right now, she seems fine. But i think i know…. ❤

  9. @Joce Rob – I don't see 'click-bait' as 'not nice' – especially when I am drawn into a video by a title that the video NEVER mentions. That's click-bait in my book.

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