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  1. Just get Cookies or Ghost drops. Best qaulity at the dispensaries. Anything under that cookies collab with noya . The lemonade Medellin and Soap by mintz r also some of my favourites that r under that cookies / noya collaboration. Canna cabana is the dispensary I think has the best prices and they get all the good brands. Nothing over 50 an eighth even for cookies and ghost drops. Like best stuff will be 48$ . That is before tax but still better prices then other dispensaries

  2. The most expensive eighth I will buy is $30. Before legalization, you never got 3.5g for more than $30. Weed is NOT worth more than $10 a gram. You're wasting money, and enabling the government's greed by purchasing these rip-offs. I can get insanely good strains like Death Bubba, Pink Kush, King Tut, Northern Berry, Sensi Star and others for $26 an eighth. Fuck "premium weed" LOL. It's a scam.

  3. Bought an eighth for 75$ the first month weed was legalized cause I was jonsing hard and I didn't plan ahead. Brutal feeling. Glad prices got chopped down, little ways to go yet but its getting there.

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