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  1. If you use one of those cheap ÂŁ2 plastic grinders from corner shop and you find they keep getting stuck and you need a new one after a couple of weeks, stop putting your bud in the bottom half of the grinder. Basically, use it 'upside down' and load your bud into the lid half. This stops the grinder from clogging up and twisting properly. Ive had a plastic grinders last for yearsss doing this, and then also following Drews rule of not letting anyone else use it!(especially if they don't know about this rule as it can cost you a whole grinder!)

  2. 62% boveda for cure. 69% could cause mold. Mold starts at 70% if ur jarring up at 69% or higher is bad move. Aim for 58% humidity. Arr and burp main thing. Boveda only needed for long term ike 6month+ period

  3. I checked my lap before I stand up as well cuz I have tossed stuff in the floor I've also had to make sure that my grinder was sealed tightly because one time I was grinding bud and the thing came apart and all my flower went into my carpet I was so upset luckily for me I had an ounce so my tip is make sure your grind is sealed tightly and if you have a magnetic lid make sure it doesn't fly off

  4. Mate check your lap yes! Haha! For me it's my phone, the amount of times I've clattered it standing up is unreal . Might get a big 'check your lap' poster in front of my sofa

  5. I can’t agree with the mixer one, have a friend that mixes lavender in and it definitely makes a difference in your high, and I don’t care for splifs but I love moles (east coast term for bong rips mixed with tobacco), since I only do it as a treat the nicotine buzz is unreal, can only do it sitting down

  6. Mixing should be a sin. I hate it when people with more smoking experience than me tell me i have to use tobacco in my j’s. .5g in a “pure” smaller joint is way more enjoyable than a massive j packed out with tobacco “because it burns better” stfu it burns lovely pure

  7. In America, the grinder thing is mad petty. I thought u we’re gonna say u don’t let ppl borrow urs bc they will use whatever weed u have left over, which is understandable, but not letting them bc they might have dead weed residue left over..? That is just addict behavior

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