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  1. Dude, you should seriously check out some dry herb vapes fr… Dynavap, Mighty, Flowerpot, and there are others. It's like you are able to taste the terms in your weed like you never have before… AND it gets you higher!! 🎉

  2. Yobibknow u said u ship in 48 hrs

    It's been over 6 days since my first order and Nothing shipped yet NO TRACKING NOTHING IDK IF ITS BECAUSE THEY ARE WAITING ON AUTOGRAPH N EXTRAS FROM U?

  3. Hey dope im moving from Cali to New Jersey and wanted to say. I wish i could have found you in Cali but i will meet you some day just not now. But im spreading the love out here by trading weed for a soda 😂😂. Bartering works in Arizona

  4. All delta and hemp products that are not THC….. are not FDA approved…. Most of these will cause heart palpitations and sleep ap…. He don’t smoke what u think he smokes THC and yall smoke hemp steady getting the worse case scenario….. I hope yall make it tbh:(

  5. I been ordering thca hash rosin from piur select in Tennessee for almost 2 years some the best life rosin glass disposables I’ve ever had and he sells rosin jam and live rosin if y’all would at least sell some terped diamonds YALL would sell out faster than you do that flower the place I buy thca rosin sells his whole stock from a month of hash making in 24-48 hours and u have to have password to order from the site with approved email I don’t know why he keeps saying u can’t sell thca rosin he knows you can I don’t think they can keep up with demand is really the reason he ain’t dropping concentrates

  6. Two Small complaints. one your shippers messed up my address didn’t put my PO Box and denied it till I showed photo evidence. Two, Bro my snowcaps lid wasn’t even on all the way it was on cockeyed. I could smell my package from the front desk. I get they’re rushing to get stuff out but it’s kinda careless at that point.

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