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  1. Them bowls r that shit I had a sabertooth inline rig that needed one of those bad ,had a flower bowl but would singe tf outta ur eyebrows,even dabbing u needed a drop-down u could feel mad heat right in ur mug. That's no fun

  2. Idk if you have figured this out by now but at 2:15 you talk over the iso station? As a matter of fact the inner walls are hollow & you are actually intended to keep the iso within the walls of the “station” as opposed to the qtips sitting in the iso constantly 👌🏼 this allows you to use however much iso u need and nothing is evaporating 😋

  3. Yo @erickkhan and @Dopeasyola are complete opposite smokers, but like the same people, and it works so well, I love this shi🤣👑💪yola dat old head typa smoker(not a bad thing btw), erick got that cali vibe

  4. I had never experienced dabs before so I went out and purchased my first rig after getting my hands on some nectar. I went to my local shop, purchased the Infinity version, got it home, dropped it, and watched it shatter beneath my weak ass hands. This was yesterday, and I’m still very sad and dabless. Y’all toke one tonight in memory of my unused piece 😞

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