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  1. wow he thinks farm gas is better than the mac theres a reason mac is out of stock till the end of july as it is by far the best strain on the market id rather buy street dawg than farm gas

  2. There is new stuff on script all the time its just not worth paying for what they are charging. One thing that needs regulating is the price that the pharmacies charge. It should be one rate 150 oz and say the same for the THC juice

  3. Keep making as many videos about cannabis in the UK, shine a light on this more and more so we can all have access too good quality herb that isn’t grown by drug gangs full of chemicals.

  4. Pretty sure that I should be able to find the Farm Gas by Aurora, might give it a try.

    Edit: Looks like its under the brand San Rafael ‘71 and its about $31-$32 for an eighth (half-quarter, for my Toronto friends)

  5. Not to go against anything you’re saying in the first few minutes, but that is literally big pharma , they make billions off limiting drugs, while mass production of others (covid vaccine). It’ll never change at the rate it’s going and it’s way worse in countries that don’t have national health services like America

  6. As a guy who may get it in Germany – it isn't so often that they insurance pays for it and prices are calmer now at €8-€16 a gram – some things have changed ready for legalisation

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