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  1. Hey Drew im also mamedica and my meds just arrived. have you smoked the organic stuff yet? not saying it looks or smells great but effects are so clean! im on cherry mints for breakfast and im feeling all the feels. Wanna chat more about them?

  2. Yo drew, I got the GMO, pavè s1 and orange cake and I would have to agree on the GMO it's nothing special and the Orange cake is dead but the pavè s1 is proper banging tastes how it smells, its proper gases and earthy and hits hard, I would definitely recommend amd it will become one of my regular picks

  3. I got 4th batch of meds this month and Bazookas has been so good, found a young seed husk in a bud but the smoke is so nice I really dont care 8.5/10! I got Adven LA Kush Cake for a 2nd time as it was cheap and this batch is sooo much more tasty with a boveda pack and glass jar, the first batch came in a tub and smelled of stale milk until it finally aired out, new stuff is solid 7/10. Modified Gas as always is my bed time friend 9.5/10. LOT420 Gelato I aint had gelato before so didnt know what to expect, milder than I anticipated in taste but certainly cant complain, id probably get another pack of gas or bazookas next script though purely on price n preference.
    Bazookas literally blasts the 5h1t outta my IBS!

  4. I got the morroccan peaches and farm gas, I wasn't really impressed with either but the farm gas was the best I've had so far, the script before which was my first was French cookies which was OK and strawberry glue which I hated, don't know how it can be so poor

  5. Got the golden mac one it's awful I had one lil joint of it an left it terrible it looks terrible it feels terrible it smells terrible an it taste terrible an a 1ner for 10 gram taking the piss the farm gas one was what 85 an it was way better but still even that farm gas one was bad are there actually any strains that are gassy like actually though

  6. Yo drew the maple kush and the gold butter are irradiated it says on med bud I can only have irradiated I ordered them 2 and farm gas coz farm gas is still my favourite med bud so far but I'm not looking forward to it now if its dead but maby I will like them as we are all different peace

  7. December script was powdered donuts and LA Sage. Liked both but the PD came out top.
    Jan script is modified Gas and Master Kush. Not expecting massive amount from kush but it was only £5 a g.
    Most of my script changes are due to great advice from yourself (plus other medical bud reviewers) and Doctor Dave at @MAMEDICA.

    Keep up the good work Drew!

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