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  1. Im guessing someone named Thai Ban mentioned Jesus and this dude says, "timeout, dont care about your Jesus, DONT CARE!". Wowzers, Ill pray for yall. Thats a scary position to be in. God will knock you to your knees if He has to so you dont willfully slip into the fire. "Pride comes before the fall". Continues to say Jesus and Jesus Christ throughout the live. Why dont people say "Oh my Buddha or David Hasslehoff!"? Its cuz Jesus is da bessst 😎

  2. Hey Thomas you’ve helped me through a lot of dark times my mom had to get a full knee replacement and we’ve been living in the car lately because of financial problems but your videos always make me smile I’ve been here since you were just a instagramer lol but thank u bro keep up the good work I get faded wit u every video hope I made the first 1000 comments

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