NuLeaf CBD Review and Guide

NuLeaf CBD Review and Guide


The cannabis industry is blowing up big time. Reefer madness has turned into a massive global market. Your high school weed dealer is now a successful cannabis entrepreneur. And most importantly, more brands are taking cannabis product quality extremely seriously.

Let’s take NuLeaf Naturals as an example. They’re a CBD brand that offers a massive array of cannabis products. 

They not only make safe and quality CBD products but are also extremely innovative. These are all reasons why NuLeaf Naturals made the Inc. 5000 list two years in a row.

But is NuLeaf Naturals really what they’re all hyped up to be? Here’s my honest review of this brand.


 NuLeaf Naturals is one of the top CBD companies in the market. They have received accolades from major publications and have positive reviews for their products. They offer a variety of full-spectrum CBD products across different administration types and secondary cannabinoid products.

I recommend their Full-Spectrum Multicannabinoid Oil the most. It contains all key cannabinoids, perfect for those who aren’t sure what they want. It’s also available in different strength options for all users.


Wide variety of CBD products
Products made from hemp organically grown in Colorado
Third-party test results
Free of herbicides, pesticides, fungi, mold, mycotoxins, and heavy metals


Wide variety of products, including a pet line
Affordable products as well as additional discount options
Potent CBD products as well as ones for beginners


Some of their oils don’t have flavor options


NuLeaf CBD Review and Guide

NuLeaf Naturals is known for its quality products. First and foremost, they offer third-party lab testing for all of their products. You can find the independent lab report on each product page. 

Scroll down until you see the “Lab Test Results” button. It does take a second to load, so be patient.

The lab result for their full-spectrum CBD oil shows that the oil contains CBD with very little delta-9 THC traces. There are also no toxins present in the product.

There’s a reason why NuLeaf Naturals passes the lab testing. They only use organically-grown hemp from Colorado. In case you didn’t know, Colorado has some strict hemp growing requirements. Colorado hemp has to legally be tested for 106 pesticides.

The only downside is NuLeaf Naturals doesn’t state which farm(s) they source their hemp from. But in all honesty, very few brands provide that information. I suggest reaching out to the brand and asking for more clarity.

To extract the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, NuLeaf Naturals uses supercritical CO2 extraction. Instead of using solvents, carbon dioxide removes the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plants, so you don’t risk consuming dangerous solvents.


As of now, NuLeaf Naturals is a top CBD company. They have been featured in Inc. magazine and other publications. NuLeaf Naturals has been around since 2014, which is actually a pretty long time for a CBD company.

Looking at their products, they receive an average five-star rating – maybe a 4.9 rating on some products, but the positive reviews outweigh the negative reviews by miles. A simple search on the FDA website tells me they never received any warning letters.

However, I am seeing one flaw online. A complaint was filed against NuLeaf Naturals for hosting a website that’s non-accessible for those with disabilities.

Shipping and Packaging

As stated previously, NuLeaf Naturals has received largely positive reviews. These reviews describe NuLeaf Naturals’ product effectiveness and quality and service-related accolades. For example, customers have loved their packaging and fast shipping.

The only downside is their return policy. You can only return products if they’re unused, new, and unopened. 

You can also return products that are defective, incorrect or damaged. You must pay for shipping when returning your product. However, you don’t have to pay for shipping if your product is defective/incorrect/damaged.

Product Types

We can separate NuLeaf Naturals products into these categories:

In addition to CBD products, they also offer products for these cannabinoids:

The main complaint is that their product line isn’t as varied as competitors. But they do offer products that the competition doesn’t offer, including the minor cannabinoid products.


NuLeaf Naturals products are on the average scale. Comparing NuLeaf Naturals’ Full-Spectrum CBD Oil to a competitor, they charge $79 for 900mg CBD oil. The competitor charges $90 for 1000mg.

But what makes NuLeaf Naturals stand out is the variety of discount programs they offer. You can qualify for a discount if you fit one of these categories:

Active military
Nurses and medical professionals
First responders
Social workers
Long-term disability
Teacher and student

If you don’t fit these categories but still want to save, NuLeaf Naturals offers a subscription option for all products. When adding the product to your cart, simply choose the “Subscribe & Save” option.

How to Choose the Right NuLeaf Naturals Products

Are you interested in trying NuLeaf Naturals but aren’t sure which product is right for you? If you know you want CBD, I suggest looking into your preferred method of taking CBD.

I recommend tinctures as a bottom line. The dosing is flexible, and you’ll feel results quickly with the sublingual method.

However, tinctures are difficult for beginners. In this case, I suggest the softgels. Take one softgel a day. Increase your dosage to two softgels a day if you don’t feel any effects after an hour or two.

You may also want to consider the other cannabinoids they offer. They each offer specific benefits. 

For example, CBN is popular among those who use CBD for sleep. CBG is the opposite – it increases energy. CBC binds to CB2 receptors, so it also offers healing that CBD doesn’t offer.

Since NuLeaf Naturals also offers a pet line, you must consider your pet’s needs. 

As of now, they only offer CBD oil. CBD oil is easy to mix in with pet food. However, my cat can detect the CBD and isn’t interested in her food after. I noticed treats are more effective for her. If you suspect this will be the case for your pet, look for other brands that sell CBD pet treats.

My Favorite NuLeaf Naturals Products

Full-Spectrum Multicannabinoid Oil

Full-Spectrum Multicannabinoid Oil

If you want a hemp healing product but aren’t sure which one to choose, I suggest giving this one a try. This tincture includes several key cannabinoids, including CBD. You have three potency options: 300mg, 900mg, and 1800mg.


Excellent service
Different potency options


Full Spectrum CBN Oil

Full Spectrum CBN Oil

While this product contains all healing compounds of the hemp plant, it specifically contains CBN oil. 

As stated previously, CBN is a compound formed from THC that helps with sleep. Like CBD oil, it contains different strength options. In addition to the hemp extract, the only other ingredient is organic hemp seed oil.


Many reviewers said it effectively helped with sleep
Easy to use


Reviewers complained it has a strong flavor

Full-Spectrum CBD Balm

Full-Spectrum CBD Balm

This is the only topical product that NuLeaf Naturals offers if you prefer targeted healing. However, with only two ingredients that includes full-spectrum hemp extract, you’ll experience effective targeted healing.

This product is available in different size/potency options. It’s completely unscented and absorbs quickly. As with all NuLeaf products, you get fast and free shipping.


Works quickly
Also works as a massage product
Multiple size and potency options
Contains moisturizing shea butter


People with chronic pain may need to use this balm in addition to medication for best results

Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

If I want an edible, I grab a capsule over a gummy. I love these full-spectrum CBD gummies that also contain necessary secondary cannabinoids and terpenes. Simply take them the same way you would a normal supplement.

There are three potency options: 300mg, 900mg, and 1800mg. 

Each capsule has 15mg CBD, and these capsules are completely plant-based. They contain some additional ingredients, such as water, cassava root extract, and vegetable glycerin. Don’t worry; these ingredients are still safe and natural.


Pills are easy to use, perfect for beginners
Awesome customer service
Quick shipping


Some customers complained of an upset stomach, make sure you’re not allergic to these ingredients

Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Oil

Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Oil

As a pet owner myself, we want the best for our fur babies. 

You can be sure that NuLeaf Naturals creates a high-quality full-spectrum oil for pets made with organically grown hemp. As with all products, NuLeaf offers multiple potency options. Each drop has 3mg of CBD, so make sure you dose Fluffy’s of Fido’s CBD well.


Great for both young and senior pets
Some dog owners said this oil calms puppies and helps with training
Better quality than other CBD pet oils


Some veterinarians may not recommend CBD for your pet


It only takes one simple Google search to realize there are a variety of CBD brands out there. Here are others I personally recommend:

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD is a company founded by a licensed pharmacist. She wanted to develop a holistic product for a friend. 

From here, she created her brand. Ever since designing products for her friends, Green Roads CBD has become an award-winning company with high rankings. They’re currently based online and operate in Florida.

Green Roads CBD offers a variety of products, from CBD oil all the way to CBD coffee. They have an excellent reputation in the CBD industry, offering some of the finest products. 

They also sell CBD isolates broad and full-spectrum products, which is the main reason why I would recommend them over NuLeaf Naturals. 

To this day, pharmacists oversee the production and manufacturing process. While they are a little on the pricey side, they do make quality products.



CBDfx is one of my favorite CBD brands ever. In fact, I reviewed them previously. CBDfx has some of the best products, hands down. I especially love their hemp balm for my eczema. They also have a wide range of other products.

CBDfx is eight years old, which is pretty old for a hemp company. All of their products are high-quality and effective. 

They’re transparent on many aspects of their company, such as where they source their hemp. They offer comprehensive lab testing on all of their products and only use organic hemp. Plus, they’re competitively priced. 

My only complaint is their oil tincture, which is extremely hard to open! That and I don’t particularly care for their return policy.


I talk about this brand in literally every review, but that’s honestly because I love their products so much. I believe this brand deserves more attention than what they get. 

First off, they’re a hometown brand. Born in the Tampa Bay area, they have small stores (My CBD Store) across the area. They only formed in 2018, but they have become a staple brand in my area since then.

They have some of the highest quality products I’ve ever seen. SunMed sources organic hemp from Denver and only uses CO2 extraction. Their product line includes everything from CBD oil to bath bombs. 

Their CBD oil is available in various delicious flavors, though I prefer the natural one. 

I especially love the water-soluble CBD products. My cat also eats their CBD treats and is seriously LOVING them. They also have a couple of additional lines, such as their Above Delta-8 line (I use their D8 vape).



PlusCBD is a top-rated brand that’s popular among CBD consumers. They sell everything from CBD gummies to CBD drops. I personally love the taste of their CBD drops. Thanks to the monk fruit extract they add, even the unflavored has a delightfully sweet flavor.

What I also really love about this brand is its customer service. I had a couple of questions about their drops. Customer service answered quickly and was very helpful.


Question: Does NuLeaf Naturals Have Good CBD Oil?

Answer: NuLeaf Naturals sells potent CBD products. They specialize in full-spectrum CBD, so you get healing from other cannabinoids and terpenes with only small traces of THC. All of their products were third-party lab tested, and you can see the lab test results on each product page.

Question: NuLeaf Naturals Offers so Many Potency Options! Which one Should I Choose?

Answer: If this is your first time using CBD or you just want a low-strength product to take daily, start with 300mg. From here, increase your dose if you need to. I’ve been using CBD for over a year now, and I take 1500mg daily, so I would buy an 1800mg tincture. This is a good strength for experienced users who need serious healing.

Question: I Want a Strong CBD product. Which NuLeaf Naturals Product Should I Choose?

Answer: Definitely the full-spectrum CBD oil. This is available in various high potencies, from 1800mg all the way to 6000mg!

Question: I Want to Try NuLeaf Naturals, but I get Drug Tested at Work. What do I do?

Answer: Unfortunately, it seems like they only carry full-spectrum products. Full-spectrum CBD features small traces of THC. It won’t get you high but may show up on a drug test. The brands I listed in the alternatives section all offer broad-spectrum options; I suggest you try one of them instead.

Question: How do I Dose CBD?

Answer: If you’re new, I would start with 0.5ml/day if you’re taking a tincture. If you’re taking an edible, just take one a day and increase your dose only if you don’t experience any benefits. Otherwise, every company will offer a recommended serving. I suggest starting with that first.

Question: This is my First Time Taking CBD. Am I Supposed to Feel Anything?

Answer: CBD won’t get you high, but you will feel good. I feel relaxing effects, but not the same effects that I experience when smoking a good Indica. Instead, my anxiety melts away, and I have better focus.

Bottom Line

With the popularity of the CBD industry, brands such as NuLeaf Naturals prove that we can make high-quality hemp products. NuLeaf Naturals offers several CBD products and some unique products with secondary cannabinoids.

However, NuLeaf Naturals isn’t perfect. 

For example, they don’t sell gummies, broad-spectrum products, or even flavors for their tinctures. This will surely lose them some customers. They have also received complaints in the past because their website isn’t accessible for those with disabilities.

Even with those flaws, I recommend NuLeaf Naturals. Their products are high-quality, safe, and innovative. 

They only use organic hemp grown in Colorado and provide a lab test result for all products. If you don’t think NuLeaf Naturals is working for you, I suggest trying another one of the recommended alternatives.


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