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  1. I like the comparison to the Utilian products. Had been second guessing myself on getting the U-5 but glad I didn't go with that option for concentrates now. Thank you for the honest review.

  2. If you want to vape something that was OK 8 years ago, this is for you. However you are paying for design and build quality, rather than the vaping experience. You are far better off going with any Storz and Bickel products.
    Great honest review 🙂

  3. Love my Pax Plus!
    But the ugly expensive one has the most amazing vapor quality? Hmmm?

    Might be something to put on my Christmas list :)😉😁

    Good and fair review. I do like how it is discreet. You can be stealth with the Plus. Just go out for your lunch time walk….

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