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  1. found the Chanel thru pka, definitely found a new weed tuner to watch, does the uk have a big glass market like they do in the USA. Would love to see glass shops/ different accessories in the uk vs us. If YouTube allows it u should tour a uk smoke shop and show us Americans what’s up in there

  2. Yeahhhhh Nintendo is definitely gunna come after this. Also interesting to me that your bags are so extravagant over there. Most dispensaries here don’t package like that

  3. All I sell is £100 pack I buy top shelf uk that slaps properly harder get on the dabs drew! Dirty sprite breath & Animal Z I’m smoking ATM is Next level! Wax I think is blue Dream or sum shit let’s be honest if u didn’t get them packs free to review “push the product” u wouldn’t pay the money yourself defo not with a prescription bro. All about genetics iv said it from day one, just keep dawg away from me lovely strain waaay over used.

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