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  1. I’ve been watching for a good while and I found out for me personally I love to smoke with my homies while watching your videos but when I want to smoke and I’m alone I can’t until I get your video cause it feels like we smoking together fr like that friend that has good stories that u like to hear but you also get to smoke peace and love mister dope

  2. I usually just comment lobe the video and such but I just wanted to say happy New Years to you and Rosie . I hope u guys just have time to enjoy ur selves and have the best day. I’m happy u Gus sacrifice what u guys do to make these videos and make me and millions happy. Keep the grind up and I hope it never comes to an end

  3. The only police encounter I have had is I was in the car with my friend I was riding he was driving and we get pulled over for speeding and we had bud i had my license out immediately and the cop came up to us and my buddy started talking to the officer about cars and somehow we were let off with a warning and I was wigging out the whole time and my friend just was chill af. Anyway happy new year!

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