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  1. Maybe you can make pet food for dogs with sensitive stomachs, I don't feel secure giving my dog dog food anymore, A lot of dog owners give their dog homemade food, that's what I want to do but my dog has a sensitive stomach, I just give her boiled chicken breast, white rice & some pure pumpkin, can she just eat that, she was just on Royal Canin
    Was giving her kibbles & wet can food
    Stop giving her kibbles
    Are the Royal canin wet can * also
    On the list of food
    Or just kibbles?

  2. I feed my dog the Royal canin
    Of the kibble my dog kept getting gassy
    This happened a lot
    So I stopped her from eating the kibble
    I recently ordered her the wet can
    Royal canin
    So your saying this food is no good
    Please answer

  3. It’s poison crap. period. Why would any pet parent even take a chance. Very few commercial brands are safe. It would be good if you did a video on the few that are ok. But personally I believe in Raw or homemade.

  4. The first thing the vet oncologist asked me was, "Did I feed my dog commercial pet foods from the grocery store?" I didn't. But you know when that's one of the first questions, there's something seriously wrong with commercial dog food. She was only 3 years old and developed rapidly spreading bone cancer. She only lived 2 months from the time we noticed the slight limp. ❤️ 🐾

  5. I'm starting to think we all cannot eat anything any more! Animals or people!! This world is going crazy!!! It's sad that we cannot trust what's being sold to us these days!! It's like if you don't grow or raise it yourself, you can not trust what is in it any more!! I was feeding Orijen to my guys thinking it was the best, even thought it's crazy expensive!!! The ingredients looked to be the best to me. And now it's also on the list!! I'm at a loss as to what to do! I do feed them some raw from the grocery store also, but you really do not know what's in that either!! Every day you see more and more recalls on everything!!! It's just so frustrating as to what to do!!!😣

  6. Check the salt they started adding to dog food! All dog foods now contain salt sometimes as the 5th ingredient! I pulled allllll dog food from my dogs! Even the raw diet they ate started adding salt not to mention all pitassium is sodium based! Affco is the one who promoted this recently! Dogs cant hamdle salt daily and now dry and toppers contain it! It took me dsys to find foids that doesnt contain salt plus cooking😂!

  7. Related note: Many pet foods and probiotics contain a bacterium called enterococcus faecium. This is a VERY robust and inexpensive member of the staphylococcus family that's added to aid in digestion. The higher the protein, the higher the EF content.

    Many dogs, especially northern and working breeds, have what we now call EFS, or EF Sensitivity. The bacterium essentially causes a chronic bacterial infection with symptoms that include volumionous, milkshake consistency stools, alopecia, poor thrift, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. EFS is often diagnosed as IBD or an absorption disorder. Treatment is often a probiotic which contains EF that worsens the issue. Dogs can and have died from EFS.

    Treatment with metronitazole and/or albon will alleviate symptoms, but they quickly return as the problem is the diet. Because its so common, switching foods won't help, all of which can make it difficult to pinpoint and diagnose.

    UK and European vets amd consumers seem to have a good knowledge of EFS. Some manufacturers remove EF from products destined for foreign markets.

    If you suspect EFS, withdraw all products with EF from the diet and treat with metronitazole and albon.

    Keep an eye on labels, too, as formulas change often.

  8. Unfortunate about stella and chewy. I used to use the dehydrated raw cat food and instinct canned but the cats just didn't like it anymore. I always think about trying it again, but now…not

  9. I have two senior dogs and one under a year, I've always fed them kibble (blue) with wet food. A month ago, my one of my seniors didn't want to eat anymore, i'd top his food with chicken to get him to eat which worked for a bit. Him and the puppy then got liquid diarrhea, I started them on a chicken and rice diet and he started gobbling up his food! Since then i've been making all their food, and no issues with him not wanting to eat.

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