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  1. That looks nice …i delayed harvesting my Gasy Gas for tomorow …her top bud fan leafs and smaller have yellow and purple and red and all shades in between like a rainbow on same leaf ….looks like a tropical bird …never had weed that goes both ways to yellow and to purple in flowering, it was one or other way, first it started yellowing, after 2 months it started purpling and since last week it has pure RED here and there ……buds have two shades of green darker start purpling little and fresh growth is bright green on every tip small secondary buds on big bud ….😅 im growing almost 25 years and never seen this …i smoked week ago two small buds from bottom to test it and got blasted after 2-3 smokes …..stone to sleep …that is second kinda sativa that flowers 2,5 months, 70-75 days that blast u into indica high, maybe it woiuld finish earlier but it was flowering outside during day in temps a little above freezing …i'll prepare few clones of her till march and put them straight into ground for natural spring flowering in short days, pick up buds in may and let it reflower in long summer days and grow big big

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