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  1. It's really sad to see how New Age Indian Culinary is all about being fancy enough to look like a western dish, with no taste whatsoever. A small food corner with No "Educated Chef" has better food than these big Restaurants. The sad part isn't how These So called chefs suck, but the fact that they represent our Country to the World, Our cuisines, our culture. I wish people spent more time on Food rather than making a Fancy Cafe/Restaurant.
    Literally there are 1000s of cafe's/restaurant.
    Any management student with loaded parents is a new Cafe.
    Where no one gives two shits about how the food tastes. Rather it's important how the place looks and how the chef's dress up.
    I think it's high time people learned, not only how to look fancy but also to make good Food.
    PS. For all the Indians who would hate on me. Just watch any BuzzFeed, Tasty, Munchies videos. And just look what is represented as Indian Food. We have a literal explosion of dishes. Every km you walk is a new unique Dish a different flavour. But all these "Chefs" can show is How fancy can they become. With no regards for the food.

  2. I once had Indian fine dining food just out of curiosity, and let me tell you this… Indian food is NOT meant for fine dining. You are completely destroying the experience by forcing the Western concept of fine dining on a complex gastronomic experience called Indian food.

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