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  1. I live in Miami and always have. In 2013 i went to Jacksonville to visit a friend and got pulled over with just under 2oz. I oaid 10k for a lawyer and still got 6 months in jail. Mind you that would've never happened in Miami at the time , i wouldn't of even gotten probation. When i was in there many people were doing a nice amount of time for dui , a small bag of coke amd other petty charges. Moral of the story , stay outta Jacksonville FL

  2. The 3 strike rule is a racially motivated law. African Americans are more likely to fall into this group, hence the reason for the law. 13 years for smoking a couple of joints is ridiculous in a modern society except you have another agenda.

  3. "Weed is a beneficial substance". Emerging research showing link between marijuana use and psychotic disorders kinda argues against that. I do think that there is some use in CBD, but for smoking it recreationally, nah.

  4. Lt.Higgins and his Sheirff sound so dum.So now blacks are the ones who are responsible for the production of the drug's 🤦🏾‍♂️..I just know one thing in Louisiana just like Bernard Dad said law abiding black men who don't have a record try they best to make it home every day without being stop by the police.But chances are u will get stop sooner or later and when you do it's at gun point or they pull u out the car search u.Then search your car without probable cause.And hope they don't say they found something 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️.And the prisons are mostly detention centers.I was sentence to 7yrs back in 1998 got out in 2005 didn't learn nothing cause I did my entire sentence in a parish jail no work release or halfway house..I can say this I been home since 2005 its 2024 and from what I see hear and read up on they want to keep u locked up..

  5. Why don’t they take and make an experiment and any family member who’s willing to sponsor the inmate in that prison they all get to go into the same area and let’s release them and see what happens with the crime rate if a crime rate goes down, then we know we have a major problem

  6. I would say they’re community should pick up some money together and start funding for some kids to go to school and get into law-enforcement government, etc. start taking control of their environment. It would be awesome to see that.

  7. I agree that marijuana is a minor offense and shouldn’t be treated in the way it is but when you’re repeatedly breaking the law and putting something like weed before your family, not to mention cocaine at what point do you take some responsibility

  8. The prosecutor will get his in this life or the next. I'm a white, 44 yo conservative male and I don't pander or play the race card game but this is ridiculous. Greed and power has overridden what is sacred and important in the world today which is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I pray for people like Bernard who have been done horribly wrong.

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