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  1. So how about normal people call-in?!…only a lesbian,a gay and one guy that want to meet a trans…this is pure propaganda of unnatural persons…now the "rare persons" are we ,the heterosexual persons??!!…shame on you and on this propaganda!!!🖕🖕😡😡😡

  2. Dear friend, are you thirsty inside? Read this: God is watching you. He always has been. He doesn't want you to do or watch this. Jesus said, "No one can follow me unless he denies himself and takes up his cross"; God's Son Jesus bled and died for you on the cross, and he rose to life again. He loves you and cares for you. But, you have to accept Christ (be of the Spirit, ie- be of God) and reject these fleshly lusts and desires (forsake the flesh). You have to repent and believe the gospel (good news). It is impossible for you on your own, but surrender to God and cry out to Him, repenting for your sins (Repenting means not only saying sorry but also asking God for help not to commit this sin ever again, and then afterwards you shouldn't try to commit the sin). Then God will forgive you and help you and save you, and give you the free gift of eternal life (everlasting life). (PLEASE READ THE REMAINING CAREFULLY. THIS HELPED ME AND I BELIEVE IT CAN HELP YOU AS WELL) He (Jesus) will satisfy your thirst. This daylight adultery won't. It will only make you feel guilty, remorse and worse. Jesus is calling you. He is your creator. He made you. He wants you to quit. He wants you to stop. You may feel it's just this or that, curiosity or likewise. But that isn't so. It's what the devil (the enemy) wants you to think. He doesn't want you to repent. The creator wants you to repent and be saved and be his child. He loves You, friend. He cares for you. I witness to that. Many are a witness. Christianity is not supposed to be a religion, it is a relationship with God. It is an intimate spiritual relationship with our creator. Therefore, the flesh will no longer have control. Jesus will.

  3. Everyone fukcign lies, it's as simple as that. That is the reason there are so many failed relationships. People LIE why they want to get into a relationship (AND KNOW IT, but will NEVER admit it), people lie why they continue/maintain relationships (and KNOW IT, but will never admit it!). Grow up. Be better! Do the correct thing for your partner and stop leading them on if that's what you are doing, (YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE! stop deluding yourself/rationalizing you POS!).
    People lie about what kind of relationship they want…if you're not capable of mongomy don't claim to be! Find a polygamous partner, I guarantee you will be happier! (You're looking in the wrong places if you cannot find one), and if you don't like the places where you can find one then you're a bigot and need to open your mind (s3x4lly), period.

  4. why on earth do they have Emma Rose on here. i cannot be convinced otherwise that this is all just to get straight men confused about their sexuality. what a fucked world we live in. most people watching this probably just assumed that Emma was a chick, but in actuality it is a man with a penis

  5. im a trans man and, miss emma rose, you’re so real. i was also super sensitive about all that when i first came out but now im chill af about it. i understand that other people are not gonna magically know everything i do, so i don’t hold it against them—honestly, i THRIVE in answering people’s questions and i put serious effort into being a positive first impression for people. there are people who are genuinely curious; people really care. and if im hostile, they may not want to get to know us! 💗

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