The Conman Who Rose from the Dead | Fakes, Frauds & Scammers

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How did a seemingly innocent photo expose one of the UK’s biggest cons? This is the story of a British prison officer who drowned …

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  1. We have a story unfolding in South Africa right now "Facebook Rapist". Guy was convicted and sentenced. Engineered a prison escape in which he was presumed dead as official found a dead body burned beyond recognition in his solitary confinement cell. DNA recently proved the body wasn't his and he's been spotted numerous time shopping in Sandton City…

  2. Those poor son's. I have 1son & could NEVER lie to him about his father, even though he left us when he was only 6Yrs old. They're both disgraceful parents 💯😡

  3. It's probably better to file bankruptcy. Move your assets to somewhere else. Your debts get written off. How's he gonna earn if he's dead? Or remove funds from his accounts?

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