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  1. I had a flea infestation 1 time. I have a parrot so I cannot bomb house. I am deathly allergic to flea collars/ flea drops on my dogs. I got bad headaches and horrible watery eyes from them. I used salt on floor 1st floor, left for 3 days. Vacuum. Repeat. Gone.
    Dog washed in dawn dish soap and then a nice conditioner for skin. Dawn can be drying. I used diata-matious earth in my basement floor where fleas were the worst. My cat got them and liked hanging out in basement. Fleas gone.

  2. Years ago this didn’t work for my cat. In fact, it created more fleas! Is this only for dogs? Also, an accumulation of DE on the pet’s skin must be washed off periodically or the pet (in my case my cat) began to show signs of twitching in her extremities. It’s a heavy powder that must be washed off from time to time.

  3. Dr. Jones, I have notice my 7 year old cockapoo mix started to have very loose skin on her neck and body, what should I do for her? She doesn’t look like she is in any discomfort. Thank you.

  4. There often is a recommendation to treat your yard. I find it hard to believe you can get rid of fleas by sprinkling diatomaceous earth around unless you put bucket fulls. I have a 660m2 section.. Also, would I then not kill a whole lot of other insects that are living outside? which is a no go for me. Can someone enlighten me please ?

  5. This absolutely works. Just remember that fleas use dogs, and sometimes humans, strictly for a meal. Whatever you find on your pets represents about 10% of their total population. As such, the ones that were not seen on your pet, roughly 90%, need to be eliminated as well. So treat your home and yard with food grade diatomaceous earth too.

  6. It doesn't work!!!!..I saw fleas happily crawling on my dog's skin 3 days after my dog was thoroughly dusted. I have tried numerous times in bedding as well. We need to put these myths to bed.

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