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  1. I love most haze strains for the flavour. So nice and tropical and sweet limes and biscuits dunked in tea or something like that.
    I have tried some kushes but I would not choose any of them over a haze.

    Some of my favorites: Amnesia Mac Ganja haze, G13 haze, Chrystal haze, Mango haze, Amnesia haze, Choco haze, Buddha haze
    You can really taste the tropical influence of the landstrains in most of the hazes.

    I had landstrain before. It had similar flavour but much more pure, strong and natural. that is like: WOW!
    haze is oke, but landstrains are so pure and smooth and flavourful, that is really impressive stuff.

  2. Haven't grown any kush strains yet but I recently grew a Skunk#1, lemonberry haze (amazing citrus taste) and I have a purple haze about 3 weeks into flower. I'm definitely partial to haze after the lemonberry though, tastes so good!

  3. A weekly Marijuana type list to learn more about the different stains of cannabis would be great. Like a list of all the purple stains. Then a list of all of the kush stains, haze stains, cross stains & exotic stains.

  4. 0:30 iirc The Skunk smell is NOT "given off by the burning plant". The "skunk smell" is given off by the plant (indica strain not sativa stains) without burning it. I have experienced the following: put a pure indica bud in a zip lock and put it in the trunk of your car, wait 30 minutes and open a passenger door and you will smell that skunk smell, no combustion involved. Comments?

    Boiling water proves that 'heat' excites molecules expanding them letting ATOMS escape.
    Thank you GOD;
    Our ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM proves that THC protected my brain from death & is restoring my 5.5 TBI. (Traumatic Brain Injury) I rolled my H/D without a brain bucket doing 120 MPH.

  6. တကယ်ကောင်းပြီးစစ်မှန်တဲ့ ဆေးခြောက်ကောင်းကောင်း လက်ဆောင် ဘယ်ကရနိုင်မလဲ? 🙂 <3

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