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  1. For the "oldschoo fans", here is a list of the most used "Top Secret Beats" by Josh over time, if you know any beat that is not on this list, comment.
    NecKclippa- Uprising.
    NecKclippa-Talkin with the gods.
    NecKclippa- Untitled Beat.
    NecKclippa- DeepBreaths.
    NecKclippa- Skyline.
    NecKclippa- Nature.
    NecKclippa- Walking in the Rain.
    NecKclippa- Escape from Society
    Necklclippa- Days of Rain.

    Josh, do you want to help?

  2. First video ive seen of yours, not sure what youre going through, but better days ahead my friend and cheers on you for knowing you need to do whats best for you! Subscribed🍁

  3. I use to like you and I hope your going to start doing just sesh's. It makes this channel feel more genuine instead of product reviews and saving your sesh's for your patreon crowd.

  4. Only true stoners made it here today through the vortex from the 2016 years , Time seems to Have really went by fast last few years , been rough without weedtube

  5. I really appreciate the effort you're still putting into your vids! They are great and they help me out a lot. 2018 has been a shit year for myself, but trying to turn it around. You've been a big inspiration, so thanks!

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