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  1. I Found Cypress Hill on a cassette on a bus in Newcastle 1991 and I swore allegiance to that soul assassin sound . I knew from that day Mary Jane and me were in it for the long haul …and Here I am 💨 1991 2023 stoned is da way of da walk

  2. 68 cypress hill shows for me. First one Hartford ct with busta rhymes and a bunch of others. Last one this year. Cypress hill are real hip hop rap. Not posers. They’ve been together and never heard of drama with them b real started his pod cast years ago with so many guests and friends. Smoke box all his businesses. When I think of hip hop. I think of cypress ice cube snoop Dre Eminem nas jayz az wu tang Gangstarr Krs one. Just a few. Cypress hill 🫶🙌💯👊🏻🔥

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