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  1. Hi, first thanks for this great video ! Really nice product. I have a small question, why is most if not all the rosin coming out the front of the plates ("pouring" on the paper) while none comes out from the back of the puck ? Are the plates on a certain angle or is there some kind of trick to make the rosin come out just from one side of the puck ? Thanks a lot and keep up the good work !

  2. hey i brought this nug smasher mini off some one as im not in the USA from overseas the plates dont stay together when i make them touch is the pump / jack bad or dose it need oil or somthing

  3. Dear nugsmasher Team what is the Difference between the pressure adjustable ones, as I think that makes maybe also a lot difference. Or is the pressure on the mini always enough if the right bag and heat applied? How much psi are there usual on it if locked? Maybe I am just to stupid but would like to understand the difference between adjustable ones and the mini? Looking for turning bubble hash and frozen flower into live rosin. Thank you

  4. Also idk what I'm doing wrong with the mixture but 1 Gram with even just a few droplets of some organic terpes still comes out wayyy too like runny/watery I'd like to get that thickness down idc how too

  5. Hmm idk what I'm doing wrong but my yields are coming out to like half a G and I know my stuff ain't dry so maybe I'm smashing wrong idk or heat I'm using 215

  6. Hello, this is my first time here. I have no idea what you are doing, why you're using the machine, why you're taking that amount of bud nd making what looks like carmel. I understand you ar the inventer so I can see how you would think anyone shows up on doorstep must know something.
    I live in NJ, we recently voted for legalization, don;t matter, they'll putz around for years before thy take action and open recreation sale centers. I stopped by because I didn't know what a Nugsmasher is. Well, I have seen wha it does, and I guess its the same for all sizes of the machine, but I still don't undertand its purpose. I consider myself lucky to learn from yuou because you import good wisdom, like bout paper to use.
    I think NJ is a newphyte state when it coome to recreational use of weed. Well, we are going to fond out one that there is more to weed that rolling and smoking. Take care.

  7. The weed in Florida medical dispensary’s BLOWS!!!!!!!! Damn 32% THC!!! Florida sucks! These people either don’t know how to grow pot or can’t put out high THC medicine. I don’t get it. Gotta go to CA! Or Colorado. Or any other state fkr that matter. Florida just sucks. Look at what Trulieve has in there stores on this date. Almost 90% of there smoke is below 20%

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