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  1. Highigan! We germinate and start our very first veggies and herbs for the indoor grow! We cover how we started them and the results after about 3 weeks! We transplant them into some larger containers so they can get some more nutrients and continue to grow! What are your favorite veggies and herbs to grow indoors?! What would you like to see us grow in the veggie tent?!

    Checkout the veggie tent setup video here on how we setup our lights and tent! https://youtu.be/AkzfNtXvGcU

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  2. Best bang for the buck for indoor growing would be to grow microgreens. With a fast turnover rate of about 10 to 14 days, you can do 6 or 7 grow cycles in the amount of time it takes to grow one autoflower and learn a lot in a short amount of time. Learn to cycle it so you have a constant supply of fresh greens. Don't know which USDA zone you are in but I'm in zone 6 so I won't be starting tomatoes for the outside garden until Apr 9th. Already started peppers and eggplant on Mar 12th and broc, cabbage, kale, collards a few weeks earlier than that.

  3. I started some basil and cilantro around same time as you but yours is definitely doing better than mine ^^ I overwatered them accidentally and I think it stunted them, some have been popping but maybe 35-40% success rate and they're much smaller than yours still. I also love that we can grow food we normally wouldn't find in stores, I'm still waiting on seeds for a korean variety of green onion as I can't find green onions in store around my country ^^ Oh and I'm gonna grow a plant of edamame and try to make it climb on a small chicken wire tower to fit inside my 2×2 next to weed haha. And I'm looking forward to videos in your outside food garden ^^

  4. The same way I try to grow the most potent weed,I also try to grow the hottest peppers. Putting Ghost peppers and jalapeno into the same room can make the jalapeno way hotter than regular and also makes the Ghost peppers less hot. It only works if bee's are pollinating both of them and may not work inside but we will see.

  5. plant your cilantro only about an inch apart in a bigger container and let them grow together. Especially if you're just going to keep it inside and harvest regularly. I ALWAYS have containers of Cilantro growing inside, and outside when able. Zone 3 here so most of my growing is done inside. If you're gonna keep that many tomato seedlings together it's fine. When you put them in that pot, I would try to pull them a little apart so they don't strangle each other. They will also need constant up-potting and at least 16 hours of light to prevent them from flowering. I'm in the opposite boat as y'all. I've been veggie gardening for going on my 3rd year now in preparation for homesteading. Minnesota finally looks like legalization is coming so I'll likely be able to put my skills towards those flowers later this year <3

  6. WOW…u guys taking it to another level..of growing… I say…if anything …try and make your own compost and compost teas..aswell… bud and tomatoes do grow the same.. cilantro just grows fast and lanky at times stretching for that light.. need squash and other for an..outside garden aswell… HAPPY GROWING ..!!!! Fm..AZ..

  7. I find it helps using a pencil or wooden dowel that will fit through the hole in the bottom of starter tray cups to help push the seedlings out while pulling gently from top. Hope that helps! Happy Growing! Awsome job! Looking good!

  8. The mint does that droop like its trying to get away from the light because that’s how it propagates itself. Once that neck touches wet soil it’s set roots and invades that pot or bed.

  9. When repotting the tomatoes, you should have thinned them Jess delicately pull all the plants apart and put them in their own container, and like you said, bury them a little deeper in the stem will grow a bigger root zone.

  10. Tomatoes definitely need to be thinned and start preparing your trellising now. Decide if you want to verticle trellis or do a horizontal trellis so you know how you need to train the maters indoor.

    Ther herbs are easy peasy compared to tomatoes.

    The biggest tip I can give for tomatoes is to keep them fed and don't give them too much heat. High vpd and tomatoes will burst and split like melons. Lol

    Glad to see you guys growing veggies now too. ✌️

  11. Ha thats awesome! I've been growing all kinds of herbs and veggies this year. It's soo cool to grow and eat fresh tomatoes, jalepenos, mint basil cucumbers all of it in the dead middle of winter. That is soo cool to see you guys doing this as well. It is a lot of fun. TBH, I almost enjoy the veggies and herb gardening to the canna. Got my setup ready to go after MI winter is finally done. 😅

  12. There are trays that are far better called Winstrip trays they are the goods.

    Curled tops of toms could be the humidity shock or heat stress. Contamination of mushroom compost in soil can really show in some plants under stress.

    You have acres plant per the grams of seed no the single seeds lol.

    One tomato plant indoors fills a 4×4 in 56L root pouch in no time it's far too small.
    I now transplant 10L outside so they hit the ground running

  13. Question ❓ have you ever noticed a discoloration in the paper towel method? Yes you do and that is you flushing the very important nutrients that were packed in the seed to feed the plant for first few weeks. But when using the paper towel method you hurt the plant more just drop it in a hole cover it and water 💦🌊 it do not do the paper towel method like others.

  14. Split the tomatos! Each plant needs her container. Dont worry about the roots, thay can handle that! or kill all but one plant per container! And all of the little seedlings need a bit more light!

  15. Black gold seedling mix best I have found for veggies seedlings they won’t stretch plus ppfd 250 by now they all look good but tomato seedlings as soon as they pop the soil get the light on them so they don’t stretch

  16. It is best to remove the humidity dome once the seedlings have broken the surface of the soil. Also, move your light closer to the seedlings and they won't be as leggy. Just a couple of tips from a veggie gardener. The Tomatoes starting to droop is due to the humidity dome. A couple of days out from under it and they should spring right back. Also, when you pot up the seedlings, place only one seedling per container. Tomatoes are extremely hearty and will easily handle the separation and will take right off in their new containers.

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