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  1. I’m over so many of these old school strains as we get them so much but you cannot deny genetics! When done right some of these are bomb n I love candy so if these ogs can be smackin it says a lot , but it’s all personal preference I don’t wanna see anyone saying I can’t smoke that haha

  2. Love your channel and always have great content. Haven't been in a good place lately and have been finding myself watching your videos more often and the energy is always awesome. Definitely helps through some of the darker days.

  3. Old strains are cool but can we see a review of some small craft farmers that grow with the sun not these million dollar brands that use led lights and synthetic growing salts. It’s sad everything in dispensary’s is all indoor grown million dollar facility’s. Where’s the passion behind these lab coat faceless brands

  4. yo, when are you going to have thca product replacements for all your stuff? would love to see everything you have already that's hhc just with thca options. also would be cool if when you did the thca concentrates we could see you drop bigger quantities, like an ounce etc. maybe a long with that you could drop an e-rig, or partner with a company for a special e-rig bundle to smoke the concentrates.

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