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  1. I totally get you about vaporizers. This also makes sense because rosin hits hard, and it cooked for 3 minutes on plates. I wonder if joints and blunts are more effective because a lot of the cannabis is cooked in 700 degree smoke before it's burned.

  2. actually bought an ounce of thca bud not too long ago so this vid came out at a perfect time. I’ve got an herb vape but it blows so i never use it, but it’d be worth to pull back out for the thca ig

  3. I live in an illegal state and THCa flower is defined under the hemp law as “hemp” (despite I know it’s not) but simply a loop hole now. I smoke really nothing but THCa flower and I genuinely cannot tell the difference between that and legal state flower. It’s remarkable how far they’ve come with growing these plants like this.

  4. Who knows at this point we got hybrids next we will have thc hybrids and thc a hybrid into sitiva and indica thc thc a hybrids mixed multiplying into edibles and drinks then laced then dosed then sprayed ect it’s gonna get better and worse it all depends from how much u pay and where u get it

  5. Been smoking since I was twelve in the early '70's. Actually smoked it for pain relief and insomnia. It has been a part of my life since. I love everything cannabis. Hope all is well with you and your strain family. Hi Nastiya and Nick. Thank you , Matt for this content. It's educational and cultural heritage. Take care ❤, Sativa

  6. I remember buying some THCA bud a few years ago and it being just kinda okay. Only like 8% THCA. Smelled good but still hempy like CBD bud, mild body high. Fast forward to a month ago, i get some more and it looked, smelled, and tasted like some tipy top shelf ganja! 23% THCA. The boys in the grow room been doing work the last couple years!

    Love the vids man, keep um coming. LIke someone else suggested, you should do a vid on CHS. People need to know its a real possibility they can get it.

  7. All marijuana is predominately THCA! The only difference is THCA flower is under .3% Delta 9 THC . Regular marijuana has no limit on the Delta 9 THC % . I prefer my flower to have more Delta 9 THC than under .3% The whole ordeal is separated by one loophole. As long as the Delta 9 THC is below .3% then it is basically classified as hemp.

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