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  1. Easy times was my first coffee shop back in 2002 white widow and zero zero hash 😂always loved the grey area for neaderhash was basically pure gold kiff got me proper baked and everyone asking what's that great smell when I was blazin up the dust 😂

  2. New times really disappointed me, sold me a unsealed jar, every jar in there was sealed.. looked under weight too, I didn’t even get a decent size J from it. But I immediately took it back to the counter after sitting down with it and seeing, I was very polite but the guy was very rude. Wouldn’t swap, I will never return 👍

  3. As a local and everyday smoker

    1 Family First ( consistent quality while always updating their menu with good flower for a good price )
    2. Terps Army ( they have top 5 menus in Dam . Cali / Dutch )
    3.The Plug 🔌 ( always good flavour on the menu for a good price )
    4.GreenPlace/ SOLO / Old Church/Strain Hunters / GreenHouse .

    I have to say Drew’s 100% right .but what I’ll say is

    For good hash I’ll say 1EHulp
    100% right on Family First ( also the place to go for real Cali )
    Bagheraa 100% right
    New times – overpriced Coffeeshop
    And I’ll choose Family First for good Cali flower over Green Place

  4. Or… if you're just looking to get a bit stoned with your mates like 99.99999% of people… then just go to a random coffee shop (because most people don't really care that much, and this dude has definitely gone a bit overboard with the whole weed thing).

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