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  1. Stuff breaks from heat shock when its cooled rapidly. You dont have to worry about heating up pearls or columns, you do have to worry about what temp they are being cleaned at. Most glass will shock and break round 500 or higher so as long as you clean the banger like 30sec after the dab, nothing will crack. Cant vouch for people who dunk the whole banger tho

  2. I find that you can just leave the banger in the alcohol to soak for as long as you need for the oil to dissolve. Then just wipe the whole thing dry with a cotton tea towel or microfibre cloth 👌🏼 great video and I’m definitely gonna pick a banger in up in this style, I have a slurper and a blender, this seems like the best of both!

  3. I was convinced to buy this mid way through your video, i didnt really read under the video just looked for a link but didnt see one, if i would've known you had a store I 100% would've got it from you. I would suggest adding links for future videos but idk if it messes with the algorithm or shouting your store out in the start of the video. Oh well maybe next time ill remember you have a shop.

  4. I personally leave the marbles in there, I’ve had the same marbles and pill/rod since I bought it a couple months ago they never once broke from heating them inside the slerper but maybe I was just lucky and now they are gonna explode let’s experiment folks

  5. hey jeff i just got my blender in yesterday and im having trouble getting the pill to spin any suggestions? im tryna make mine spin like lil uzi on the dance floor lol

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