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  1. She talked about herself way too much man ngl had to pass on this one nobody wants to listen to somebody talking and bragging about everything they ever did like they are a celebrity or something ridiculous reminds me of a blm activist

  2. Cool, I speak Spanish fluently I need to go over there someday. I learned in Central America but I met lots of people from Spain and other countries and talking to them is no problem. Spannabis would be a perfect time to go there.

  3. AI recently has recently begun to exceed our wildest imaginations and will continue to do so at an accelerated rate; meaning you are correct to mention that we are on the eve of the biggest event earth's biology has experienced yet, and the age of Aquarius will be about AI. No biology has ever created anything smarter than itself and that is what we are on the eve of, and I am not suggesting it will be conscious. Just so you know, AI leaders are already talking about how AI cannot create infinite stories and this is what role humanity will find is theirs, and always has been. The plant will usher humanity back from monocropping itself to being a contributing member of the ecosystem.

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