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  1. suddenly just started tearing up at the end there. amazing people to continue to work and provide in spite of the struggles they've been through. will have to visit the next time im down in LA.

  2. the cultural ideal that men should be stoic and self-sufficient… Depression is hard to battle…. To the people battling them always talk to someone, to the people knowing their family member has depression always talk to them. Mental health is also important… RIP Senor Ray… to his son and wife keep on fighting brighter days will come.

  3. That was a lot… i just like bbq, wasn't expecting to get all, fuck it i cried, not wet eye, i cried. fuck it.
    life is a lot, it's too much, too little.. love all of you. people there, people here, enjoy today and tomorrow

  4. As an H.P. Local, There are no other BBQ places near by.
    My deepest condolence's to the Ramirez family.
    I'll be stopping by in the next few weeks with an appetite.

  5. These are the places in America that need to stay open and be supported by the community forever! I’ve never been there but man is it on my list next time I’m in CA! RIP Rene and thank you for your gift and sharing your family with America

  6. I’ve been there several times I remember the first time I ever went ray was at the register and I told him idk what choose he told me “don’t worry we serve nothing but good shit here” I’ll never forget that and he was right it was the best pulled pork sandwich I’ve ever had. R.I.P. Ray

  7. This is crazy, literally just passed by there today and looked over to see if it was still there. I moved out of HP many years ago but I still remember going to Rays when they first opened up, delicious bbq

  8. When a person kills himself, his goal to remove the burden that he carries never goes away. He just passes it on to the people who cared for him the most. We live in a time where suicide is so romanticized, almost to the point that it is glorified. It shouldnt be. Anyone struggling, anyone in pain, remember that there is an eventual end to all this, and this end doesnt need to be paid with your own life. Reach out and talk to your loved ones. Reach out to your priest or pastor. Reach out to professionals. If all else fails, reach out to your own faith and find that reason to live for one more day.

  9. Been eating and following rays bbq since they were on fbook market posting sales from a driveway. My dad and I always spoke highly and recommended it to anyone looking for bbq in La. The news hit too close as I lost my dad to the same battle a bit prior to rays passing. I’m forever a customer and supporter.

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