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  1. Hey berner. Look dawg you got to hmu. Look I've been living growing for years in Oregon and I've been telling my other growers that's it's the only way to do it is make our our farmers market. My farm is MCWEEDYS and I am a very small time but I got a get a sponsor and help it seems I've been a huge supporter of yours and I've said to my wife for years we got the only thing left if a farmers market and I always say it's gonna be raided if I don't cause I went to prison for pot at 19; hmu big dawg you'd make a dream come true

  2. When I think of farmers market though I think of organic homegrown, sun grown outdoor which I love, this indoor weed has some benefits but I think we need to go back to outdoor

  3. What’s up Big Bern, man I’m sending this message as a long shot. Myself and millions of others in the cannabis industry and culture consider you the pinnacle of success and the modern voice of weed. With that being said please bring back the OG’s, east coast sour d ( no hate to Cali that east coast was just different different 🔥 lol), blue dream, head band and master kush genetics back. I love candy gas as much as the next man but the culture needs those back in the line light its time. Your power and influence is unmatched if anyone can pay homage and bring these back it’s you. And congrats on your son and your good health brother! Stay blessed.

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