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  1. Dude, your life is like getting the golden ticket for stoners. Da shit you get ugg I wanna a orange box! Lmao but hey you worked your balls off to be the golden stoner… respect brother! …..no lie if shit goes south with my health I'ma go to make a wish and ask to blaze joinfz and huge dabs with you for a day! …. they'd be like umm Marco that's not gonna help your cancer…well fk that I'm going out coughing to death on yolas couch lmfaoooo 🤣🤣🤣😮‍💨😤😁 🛋️🪦

  2. Lemme put y’all on to getting all the wax outta your pucks, cut a straw into a spoon like shape and heat up the puck a tiny bit and the straw bends to all the crevices and gets all the wax out.

  3. This dude is a sellout smfh nothing but sponsored videos the fame / money changed him do you guys remember them really cool joints / weed reviews yeah..

  4. mAh means milli amp hours idk exactly how to convert it but basically 650 is rlly good to begin with but it also depends on how long you let the device sit in between hits and how often you use it on whatever temperature

  5. Yo have you ever thought about making a rubber "bowl" that fits the pens for the dopest shop? I've been thinking about making one out of clay to rip the pens through a bong. Its pretty niche but I thought the same about selling thca powder solo, now you got the diamonds

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