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  1. I swear by colloidal silver for all sorts of issues with myself, dog, goats, cats, ducks. No one has had adverse effects and the healing benefits have been great. FDA should not be trusted. Anything not enriching big pharma they will say is dangerous.

  2. Oopps!! I am 62 year old grammy and i did not mean to dump aprox.1/4 cup colodial silver in my dogs dish i thought it was my jar of water…he weighs 24 pounds this was days ago and he is just fine!

  3. Hi Dr. I always watch your videos. Could you give me any recommendations so that my Pug loses about 5 pounds in about 6 weeks, so that I can travel, I move from the country and only accept 20 pounds. I currently make your food recipe but you don't lose weight, in this case homemade or dry diet food like Hill's is better. thank you.❤

  4. I used to get ear infections multiple times a year, it would get so bad it was the worst pain I ever felt. I started spraying colloidal silver in my ear as soon as I felt an ear infection coming on, and it would go away. I haven’t had an ear infection in years.

  5. I love colloidal silver. Even bought the contraption to make my own. I used it during the pandemic trying to keep my cancer stricken father safer. Have used it on dogs and cats. BUT I have had mixed results with kittens and would not currently use it on kittens. The kittens were not tiny but they were all feral and yes this was a hail Mary pass hoping for a miracle as they were on deaths door already. However I have seen CS do some amazing stuff. My auntie suffered a severe 3rd degree burn to over 60% of her body including the worst being face, neck and shoulder. She needed many skin grafts and has had a slow recovery of over a year and counting. One of the things the doctor used was CS and sent her home telling her to liberally spray it during every bandage change. Auntie is still recovering but she has less than 2% permanent scarring including none on her face and neck. Amazing stuff.

  6. Has anyone had any luck with CS for viruses? My cat was born with a virus and I have to get her a antibiotic shot once every two months and I’m thinking this might help her out, has anyone tried it?

  7. I found a stray kitten and her eyes were infected with mattery bloody drainage. I researched colloidal silver and started using it for my kittens eyes… one drop in both eyes 4 times the first day, 1 drop both eyes twice the second day, and then 1 drop both eyes the 3rd day. Her eyes were perfectly healed and have remained so!! I am a huge fan of using this and avoided a vet bill.👍

  8. Just a personal experience. I have a friend who used it on her dog who was ailing. Her gorgeous dog began to have neurological problems to the point she could not function, She had several vets evaluate her pup with no diagnosis. Eventuality that beautiful sweetie died. My gut told me it could be the colloidal silver but I never said anything because I trust my friend and she was heartbroken over the deterioration of her fur baby. I didn't want to upset her even more than she already was.
    What is telling is her sister began to use the colloidal silver on her dog as well and within a few months her sister's fur baby also died of very similar neurological deterioration. It could be a coincidence but I would be very careful with using it on pets for more than mild conditions. It could have been a bad batch as well.

  9. 🍭SWEET🍭Thank you so much!!! On your formula for ear mites, did you use the same kind of castor oil that’s used for cosmetics (eye lashes, hair growth & conditioner, skin softening) or….maybe there is some kind of food grade? Again thanks for the info!🙏🏼💖👍🏻🌞🐈

  10. So, should I just try giving it to my cat from the dropper or mix in her food?
    She tends to over groom her paws sometimes, to the point of infection.
    The vet treats her with a steroid shot and an antibiotic then 1-2 months we go back to the vet.

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