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  1. If you NEED your fix multiple times a day, you are not a functioning addict in my opinion.
    As a recovering addict on methadone, I will say for about a year I considered myself as a functioning addict, because I was able to work a full 12 hours construction and not need anything to help me through, and that was because I was only dabbling on the weekends, then I needed a fix before work and after, and suddenly I was planning my lunchbreak on how I was going to be able to get a fix in
that’s no longer functional
.it may have seemed like it was okay but when it becomes a NEED for you
. meaning if you don’t get your fix that you gonna be dopesick
. that’s not functioning, you’re just lucky that you have never had a situation where you were working and dopesick, because then you understand exactly what I am saying

  2. A co-worker and friend of mine was a secret user. Worked with him every day, shared an office room, and everything was seemingly great, He was recently married, a high performer, until one day he ODed and died. RIP buddy.

  3. Vice, you are disappointing me.

    Ofc you can be a functional heroin addict.
    Just like you can be a functional pothead, or functional on anti-psychotic meds.

    Vice is fear mongering by choosing to interview someone who is not doing well socially by his own account.
    This is not a given. Most people who use morphine and opiate products have good and normal social lives. Partners, spouses, friends and kids.

    Heroin is a pain killer.
    Both physically and emotionally.
    A lot of people function very well with this to numb their trauma and physical pain and a lot of folks might not be functional without it.

    The drug is not the problem.
    Stigma and criminalization is.
    Heroin or diacetylmorphine as it's actually called, is no worse than any other morphine or opiate products.
    It's just more stigma.

    And shame on you vice, for adding to this stigma.

    If you wanted to talk about this in a nuanced way, you could have contacted some of the big Drug User Unions, that exist world wide.
    But you didn't.

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