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  1. my daughter's dog rescued off the streets of minneapolis was a chi/jack russell mix. he was only about 8 years old when he died of DCM at the vets on the X-ray table. he should have been on a restricted diet. she was feeding him grain free kibble at times.

  2. I feed my dogs honest kitchen for my elderly dogs which is human grade human factor, my other dogs get a custom made raw dog food changing different protein weekly

  3. Due to a allergy I've been feeding my dog nulo freestyle grain free dog food for over six years now but lately hes refused to eat it and will go up to two days without touching his food. When he goes outside hes exposed to chicken and cat poop and i figure he's been eating it and due to this he'll have a skin allergy. So i recently learned that grain free dog food can be harmful and i was considering changing his food all together. I live in a rural area and a veterinarian is too expensive since my past vet has retired. I should mention my vet reccomended a grain free dog food this was about 6 or 7 years ago. Hes been loosing a lot of weight and I'm concerned that if this continues I'll have to put him down. I know that nulobis one of the top dog foods and I'm not sure what i should do. My dog is over 11 years old. My question is should i try a different grain free dog food or should switch to something that has grains?

  4. i was trying to order your supplements for my dog with terrible skin problems and I thought I had clicked on order then it said I had to create an account which I don't want to do. I just wanna order it and then when I thought I had created an account I didn't create an account !!!there's nothing in my cart and I'm not kidding that I'm pissed right now. I love your videos and all your information but I just wanted to order your supplements and I don't know why it's so hard.

  5. Thank you so much for always providing amazing content!! Do you offer discounts to 501c3 rescue organizations? Our adoption families can benefit from this supplement🎉

  6. Any suggestions on how often and how many eggs, I use raw eggs over top of the kibble along with krill oile/flax seed oil/pumpkin seeds/sardines/tuna not all in one meal though lol

  7. Thank you! We make our own dog food with added supplements. Ever since the mold issues in dry dog happened, our pets trust us to feed them a good balance meal.

  8. I went to raw diet after lymphoma and DCM. As time goes on people will wake up after 2019 to the DIABOLICAL pharmaceutical companies NOT doing what is ethical. ❤. Thanks Dr for being ethical for our beloved pets.❤

  9. I use a litte bit of kibble, boiled chicken breast, baby food of either green beans, carrots or pumpkin. Mornings, kibble, organic lactose free yogurt, organic blueberries and boiled chicken breast. No gas and completely normal stools.

  10. Eggs sound great! I've been splitting a tin of sardines in water between 2 dogs each day with a splash of olive oil and then walnuts now and then for a treat. Is this ok Doc? Thanks for your awesome channel!

  11. I’m giving my girl natural grain free dry and natural wet food as well. Is that ok? I also cut up carrots, broccoli and some apple slices for her too. I also give her sardines and the oil on her dry food once a week.

  12. Can you please comment on prescription DOG like urinary SO foods. Need to know if this is necessary and the only thing I can feed my dog. This food is $90 for a 17 lb bag, I want to be sure especially at these prices she's getting everything she needs and enough to eat, as well.🤔 THANKS

  13. Question about the eggs in the food. My dog has been raw fed since this past December after being attacked by another dog causing him to have to have emergency surgery Christmas morning to try and repair the damage done to him by all the toxic medications prescribed to him by 5 different ignorant back woods vets in the area I live. After endless hours of researching results from different tests they ran and nutrition I was able to figure out what was going on and saw he had severe vitamin b deficiencies going on the medications caused from the damage done to his gut. It finally seemed like he was back on track and was getting better until I started feeding him raw eggs in his food to make sure he had enough vitamin e. He started having the leg tremors again, and his skin has been flaking terribly and really red. He is losing hair like crazy, so after hours of more research I learned that egg whites have something in them that binds to biotin and keeps it from being absorbed into the body. I have been giving him sublingual biotin to try and get his level back up to normal again over the past few days, so my question is are whole raw eggs safe to feed, or is it better to give just the yolks? I read that cooking the whites destroys whatever it is that prevents the absorption of biotin, so for humans its not an issue. I tried cooking him scrambled eggs to keep it from happening and he threw them up, so cooking them isn't an option! Is this just an issue for my dog, or will egg whites cause deficiencies in biotin for all dogs eating them regularly?

  14. Thank you for posting this. I have a 7 month old husky/great pyranese mix. She eats very little kibble. I am trying to find healthy fresh pet food for her. The choices are daunting. I don't know which company to trust anymore. I don't remember it being this hard for my other dogs that have passed. 😑

  15. Well this is timely. My Chi Poo (maybe with Maltese) mix was just diagnosed last Monday. I am going to Europe for a week so trying to learn ans much as I can. I have a pet sitter and a backup with experience with senior dogs but I lost several nights sleep before I got her stabilized. It was very scary. For now I have her on Iams chicken and rice wet food. I also have to put her meds in 1 tsp of chicken and spinach cat food or she will spit them out. I figure that a small serving won't hurt until I get back. The taurine may even help. I am hoping this is partly reversible since it is nutritional.

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