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  1. Male dominated maybe. But to say none of them take you seriously because you are a woman? Did they say that? Highly doubtful. Another one of the "its harder because I have a vagina"…..

  2. Man they know nothing about Ethiopians out here in Twentynine Palms I would love to have restaurants out here I love their food their culture and I just want to start eating vegan and just getting used to not eating meat that much anymore I want to change my diet

  3. aahh.. yes… looks yummilicious.. brings back many good memories from the early/mid 90s, when I was a frequent traveler to Ethiopia, Eritrea and other neighboring countries. The food, the people.. the aroma, taste.. everything.. you should have it on your to-do list to visit the green hills around Addis Ababa, bring/enjoy a good lunch, find a local place with a fresh coffee.. heck, yea….or travel to Assab, Asmara, drive to Massawa.. put it on your list… 😇 magic waits you.. – hope to be in NYC in 2023 and shall look up the Makina Cafe for a walk down food memory lane

  4. I order from this place regularly. Food is so damn fresh. So wholesome, healthy, perfectly spiced. Makes me love her even more seeing the journey that it took her to get there. Respect.

  5. I just moved from DC and the one thing i miss is the Ethiopian food/coffee/markets. If her truck was anywhere near my place of work, i would have this literally every day for lunch. No question.

  6. Life is like a book with several different chapters now what you make your book about is all depending upon how you live your life and what stories you got to tell from it and what you learned and how to live and love life and always put God and Jesus first:-)

  7. Free markets and capitalism for the win!!!! Love stories like this when someone carves their own way and does it by finding a need and producing a good/service that benefits others and the person producing it.

  8. Good job little mama…..!!!….You're doing an outstanding job…..Stay in it…..!!!….You have a hell'av a story…..All Praises To The Most High Yah God Of Israel 🇮🇱 The Creator Alone……!!!….Yahbless

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