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  1. This Guy only knows Haze Hybrids. He never smoked a pure Haze because its not available by Black Market because it neede 140 plus Days to Flower.
    Poor Guy says he dont like Haze but never smoked a pure Haze and not a Hybrid 😂😂😂

  2. All these strains have been crossed and bred throughout the history of the world . A “strain” could have uplifting terpenes or sedating terpenes. You can buy 2 strains bred by 2 different growers and have 2 totally different experiences. It’s all terps. Yes some strains may generally be more sedating or uplifting, but going by strain and sativa or indica is not going to be concrete by any means.

  3. Early 2000s the New York Haze had a very distinct kinda metallic smell ( in a good way ) like a penny idk how the hell to explain it but literally there was trash mids and 2 top tier buds Sour Diesel and Haze then when someone came with a purple version before we knew it was just a water detail in the growing process lol watch out that was the Next Level

  4. See he was from New York. lol they just legalize weed their😂😂 so idk about that. Catch one of those people from Colorado or California for some original stuff. As well as ole Mississippi State has the best weed farm in America. 😂😂😂it’s just for studies purposes only

  5. I love your content I always support. You absolutely have alot of learning to do when it comes to cannabis culture in America. Which there is no shame in that I myself have a lot of learning to do when it comes to UK cannabis culture. Keep up the good work you should start a UK version of pine park.

  6. Bro ur weed knowledge is fucking hilarious "doesnt really smell like haze" bro haze isnt a smell its am effect you get from the high. I stg bruh yall mfs need to learn about cannabis from someone who knows wtf theyre talking about. "This smells like skittles" well.maybe because ot has the same fucking terps. 😂 fuck sakes

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