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  1. Even today when I heard this song for the millionth time, it still brings a tear to my eye. At this point it's so nostalgic and such a reminder of one's youth. Love it ❤️

  2. this song has no business having an episode dedicated to it… I had to click the video to even know what the song and artist was..I still have no idea who this chick is.

  3. Living in a 3rd world country my dad brought me an ipod nano back in 2008 and the first song that I heard and fell in love with is this like this song is such emotional roller coaster like I am so happy they wrote this song

  4. Nice to see Daniel in the interviews. He definitely stop being in the limelight after that accident, which i did not know happened to him. Only recently found out that accident.

  5. The whole album was my soundtrack for years. Especially when I was young. It meant so much to me during some really dark times. She definitely reached her goal of lifting people up. I love her as a musician and person so much. She is one of the few people that I truly can say is a positive role model.

  6. jst from the intro lemme say im so excited to watch this being a part of the hills era, not just discovering natasha but becoming a genuine fan as a teen. i remember seeing the series promo and this show and song changed the world i said what i said

  7. She be way older than the 15 year old she is playing, but her costar is not much better for a 35 year old without a knowlefge of Camus and the Naked Lunch crowd who embrace Dall and the goo and grace embraced by the sleep-a-lings. Their presence made their presence unbaleba-bal-bubbled-de gare the gare the gare

  8. Really glad I stumbled on this whole playlist. I'd absolutely love to see more of these videos.

    (Also, this was the first time I've heard "Gotta Get Thru This" in about 20 years, so thanks for bringing that back into the memory banks.)

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